Paul Dury

Paul Dury

Personal Trainer




  • 21 years experience as fitness trainer / sports specific coach and rehabilitation expert
  • 4 year B.A. Honours combined Sports Science/Recreation Management and English Degree
  • 34 years of racing experience up to elite and world championship level in running, triathlon/duathlon, road/mountain biking (2nd in Georgia State Championships)
  • Adventure racing-Caribbean Pro Team Racing, as well as a strong squash, soccer, swimming and chess coaching background. Fully qualified Swim and life saving coach.
  • British Amateur Athletic Board ( B.A.A.B ) track & field coach
  • All American Duathlete (Triathlete) 2005
  • Over 50 race victories in Cayman Islands, USA, England and Dubai
  • World Championships Triathlon Mexico 1995
  • REPS certified in injuries & corrective exercise


Running & Triathlon/Swim Coaching/Cycle Coaching/Injury Rehabilitation/Squash Coaching and Nutrition, as well as specific and focused weight training to suit any individuals need. Muscle toning, body shaping and definition & body fat loss abundantly possible with a little desire and dedication!

Remember Fitness is supposed to be Fun, with lots of variety and adventure, it should be a lifestyle not a regime! With consistency and motivation, with the right coaching and cajoling, great results can be achieved!