Rowena Karaman

Rowena Karaman

Personal Trainer


Why i love my job:

The deep rooted, human connection that develops between client and trainer is why i am passionate about my work. It’s a privilege to listen to and learn from my clients life stories, passions, likes and dislikes, and then to be given their trust to use this information to guide them to their personal goals in the most detailed and personal way that i can.

Every day i learn something new and valuable from the time spent with clients and this supports my learning process and ability to help them. Mutual respect and caring, nurtured through constant and direct interaction with my clients, make my job precious.


  • Premier Diploma in Personal Training, Nutritional Advice and Sports Massage (reps level 3)
  • Boxing Instructor Level 1
  • Olympic Lifting Instructor
  • Kettlebells Instructor
  • Power plate Instructor
  • Exercise to Music
  • Keiser Bike Instructor
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • Yoga 200hr and British Wheel of Yoga


Individualised strength training and transformation programmes designed according to a clients’ gender, personal sports performance requirements or aesthetic goals.  The first session always includes an initial assessment where movement patterns, abilities, likes and dislikes are taken into consideration alongside other factors such as external commitments and dietary requirements.